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At PerformanceNZ we are doing things a little bit different than normal and it's working. We use off site construction processes to build homes with our Performance Panels, integrating more insulation, high quality joinery, air tightness and ventilation; we build houses that well out-perform their counterparts. By investing in better design, better products and better workmanship we are able to create a house that will not only withstand our New Zealand elements but it will keep you and your family warm, dry and healthy ALL YEAR LONG.


World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends an internal air temperature of 20ºC as optimum to provide a healthy living environment in our homes. Build with ourPerformance Panels and we can make this happen. By using thicker walls, more insulation, an airtight membrane and ventilation we are able to control the air temperature within a home by keeping the heat or cold out (depending on the season), removing moisture from inside and maintaining even temperature inside. Having this ability eliminates the chance of mould developing inside your walls, making your home healthy.

Performance Panels

Insulation Standard level of insulation in our wall system is R 5.0 (NZ building code requires R 2.6 climate zone 1 & 2)

Thicker walls 140mm Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) studs with no nogs, minimises thermal bridging and creates a strong straight wall structure.

Thermal envelope An air tight vapour check on the inside of the frame controls air movement out of the building, stopping drafts and preventing moisture from being trapped inside the wall, eliminating mould and maximising the thermal performance of the insulation.

Ventilation (filtered cleaner air) Balanced pressure heat recovery ventilation system removes stale air from your home and provides continuous fresh air to the building. Heat is recovered from the outgoing stale air and reused to aid in maintaining an even temperature all year round.

Energy Efficient


By using our building method we are able to reduce the ongoing heating and cooling costs of your house by 80-90%. 

Thermal Bridging While this sounds like a technical term it actually makes a lot of sense once you understand it. A thermal bridge occurs when heat or cold can travel through the wall structure of the building allowing hot and cold air to meet and condensation to form. You may have seen this in action on your glass or on your aluminium window frames during the colder months. When this occurs the air inside your home starts to cool making heating more difficult...and more expensive! By minimizing thermal bridges we can reduce heat being lost through the walls/windows and ultimately reduce the amount of energy required to heat or cool your home.

Windows Windows are a huge influence on how energy efficient your home is, we recommend uPVC triple glazed windows and doors for optimum thermal performance.

Air Tightness Our wall system is equipped with a vapour check that stops air from escaping to the outside of the building. It essentially keeps the warm air inside the building reducing your need for heating. Because air is not moving through your insulation carrying moisture with it, the thermal efficiency of the insulation is maximised, ensuring a warm cosy house especially in the colder months.

Heat Recovery All our homes are equipped with a balanced pressure heat recovery  ventilation system that re uses the "free heat" naturally created within your home from cooking, bathing as well as any solar gain you may be able to take advantage of. As the warm stale air is removed from your home the air passes through a heat exchanger taking the warmth from the old air and adding it to the fresh air that is constantly being replaced into your home. The use of this "free heat" is what will really help to reduce your energy use requirements. 

Example of how Insulation, design, air tightness, ventilation and heat recovery works to create an energy efficient home.


Construction Process Performance panels, floors and walls are manufactured in our factory resulting in the engineered timber we use never getting wet from the elements. Our product leaves our factory and is delivered to your site fully wrapped, exterior joinery installed and weather tight. Because our panels are weathertight from the time they leave the factory your home is closed in from the weather within days minimising constuction moisture for your new home to have to deal with, giving no opportunity for mould growth to begin within your walls and no waiting for moisture levels to reduce enough to install interior linings. 

Products we use proven German weather tight wraps that are 100% non permeable so even if the weather is inclement, the structure of your new home is protected from the second it is installed onsite.

Detailing we work with highly qualified local architects to ensure the architectural detailing is done right making the job easy for our highly skilled craftsman to install and giving you the security that your home will be safe from water ingress.

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